Thai Website: Temple in the Sea

Many of the websites in the Paknam Web Network are non-commercial. We don’t make them to make any money but do them as a hobby site. Basically we make them as they are subjects that we are personally interested in. If we wanted to make loads of money then we would do websites on the bar girl scene. The is a good example of a small site that we spend a lot of time on. It started in order to publicize the plight of the people of Ban Khun Samut in Samut Prakan province who over the years had to move their homes five or six times due to the encroaching sea and land erosion. Only the temple remains in its original position and is surrounded by the sea at high tide. We have been back to Khun Samut quite a few times to do updates. We have also volunteered to teach at the local school in our freetime. Khun Samut is not your average tourist attraction as a lot of effort is needed to go there. There are no roads and you have to rent a boat and then walk for about 30 minutes along the side of shrimp farms. But, if you do make the effort to go then they are very happy to see you.


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