Artifacts in the Floating Market

The floating markets, though crowded, have their own ambiance. You could get your own photograph taken and printed on a ceramic plate even without an inkling of it. You could buy it for hundred bath while leaving the boat. The floating market has also many exotic views. Produced below is a type of hanging light:

Image027 by you.

Here is another interesting image of a smiling lady:

Image028 by you.

These are the impressions that you carry away with you. Long after the event, these images stay with you. Some times I wonder: how do people plan their markets? What things to keep, and what not to ? Which artifact finally occupies the self space?

Image022 by you.

One response to “Artifacts in the Floating Market

  1. Certainly there seems to be some purposeful order in many Thai markets. I wonder if they have ever read Vance Packard?