The Sage Trees in Bangkok General Post Office

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This is the image of a young Mimusops Elengi tree in front of the Bangkok General Post Office. This tree is widely known as Spanish Cherry.In Thai it is called Phikun. The flower of the tree has long lasting fragrance, the garlands made of the small star like flowers last for years. Hence the garland is ideal for offering to Gods. The orange coloured, cherry-like fruit is edible and has antioxidant property. This is a slow growing tree, but lives for hundreds of years. The foliage develops in to the shape of an umbrella with lots of shade. Some one has very thoughtfully planted this tree.

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The tree above is planted in the left corner of the Post Office and is very well known as Frangipani. Since this tree is planted around temples, it is also called the Temple Tree. It has two main varieties: Plumeria Rubra and Plumeria Alba. This is named after the famous botanist from France Charles Plumier (1646-1704). The flower is a subject matter of many poems and signifies love and high aspirations. It was a great experience to see this flowering tree in front of the post office.

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