Thai Website: Bangkok and Thailand Scams

A few people have sometimes accused us of only looking at Thailand through rose-coloured glasses. This might be because all of the websites in the Paknam Web Network are family friendly. We also don’t allow discussion of the bar girl scene which some people misinterpret as whitewashing or sweeping under the carpet unsightly warts. However, none of this is true. We try to tell it the way it is by being fair to both sides. One of our hard hitting sites about Thailand is our The Lonely Planet guidebook calls it “forewarned is forearmed” which is exactly our intention. Scams happen the world over and Thailand is no different. What we intend to do is give a rundown of the most common scams in Thailand in order to help people be more street savvy. Visitors to the website can also submit their own accounts of when they were scammed or post comments on scams already being discussed. In addition, there are support groups and tips for people who were hurt by the Thai Gem Scam and want to try and get their money back. This is possible and you need to follow the advice on the website.


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