How to cook… Fried Wonton

I like eating wonton with my noodle soup. Just as delicious are these fried wontons that you can often find around town. It comes with a sweet chilli dip. In the ingredients below you can see minced pork, coriander and garlic, an egg and chopped onion, and some slices of wonton. The folding is a little tricky but you should get the hang of it after some practice.

Make sure that you chop up all the ingredients so that it is very small. In a bowl, mix together the minced pork, onion, garlic and the corriander. Beat an egg and slowly add this to the mixture. Season with fish sauce (salt if you don’t like the smell) and some pepper. Next comes the tricky part. You need about spoonful of the mixture and put into the middle of the wonton slice. Fold in half to make a triangle and then bring the two corners together. You can use egg yolk to help seal it if you like. Now add them to a pan of hot oil. Come back to next week for more Thai Food recipes.

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