How to cook… Fried Spare-ribs marinated in pineapple juice

The dish we are cooking this week is Fried Spare-ribs marinated in pineapple juice. In Thai it is called “si-khrong mu thot”. It is not really much of a traditional Thai dish but I see it a lot on menus at restaurants. In the picture of the ingredients below you can see spareribs at the top and garlic and black pepper on the left with pineapple juice on the right.

Prepare the spare-ribs first by washing them and cutting them into bite-sized pieces. Next marinate them in fresh pineapple juice for about half an hour. While this is marinating, prepare a mixture of dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, fish sauce, crushed garlic, black pepper, sugar and ground coriander seeds. Then rub this into the spare-ribs and leave to marinate for a while longer. Prepare your wok with about an inch of oil. Once it is hot add the spare ribs a few at a time until golden brown. Serve on a plate with some lettuce and fresh pineapple. Come back to next Friday for another Thai dish.

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