Making Merit at 4 Temples in Chanthaburi

During the Khao Phansa period this week, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) are helping to promote the event “Making Merit at Four Temples” in Chanthaburi Province. These temples are not necessarily the most sacred of the temples however they have been picked as they represent different architectural styles and Buddhism sects. Even if you don’t have time to come to Chanthaburi this week, it is worth making a note of these temples for the next time you visit this Eastern province.

The first temple is Wat Khao Sukim in Amphoe Thamai. This is a Thai Buddhist temple of the Theravada sect.

Built in 1966, it houses a large collection of religious items and valuable antiques donated by the public. On display are wax sculptures of over twenty Buddhist monks highly revered by the public. They are in the process of building a multi spire golden chedi which from the artist impressions will look very stunning.

The second temple is Wat Khetnaboonyaram in Amphoe Muang. This is a Vietnamese/Chinese Buddhist temple.

The third temple is Wat Mai in Amphoe Muang. It is a Thai Buddhist temple of the Mahayana sect.

The fourth and final temple is Wat Mungkorn Bupparam in Amphoe Laem Singh. It is a Chinese Buddhist temple of the Mahayana sect.

Visit our ThailandQA Forums for highlight pictures of my trip to Chanthaburi with the TAT. I wish to thank the TAT for inviting thai-blogs for a four day media trip of the province and being such kind hosts.

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