Thai Website: Life in Samut Prakan Province

The website started ten years ago as a project to show people around the world, in words and pictures, the life in a typical Thai city. We called them “virtual tourists” and didn’t really expect them to come to our city. Over the years things have changed as we are now starting to get independent travellers and even foreign people living in the province. So, our aim has started to change. We now give practical information on how to go to Samut Prakan as well as places to stay and places to eat. For expats, we give information and news about major festivals and events in the province. However, our main audience remains the virtual tourists and also students doing projects about Thailand. For the foreign students they have to write and compare a city in Asia with their own country. For Thai students, they often have to do projects on their home province. The website has thousands of pictures as well as detailed maps.

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