How You can help fund the PAD and ASTV!

Beyond a doubt, ASTV, backed by the People’s Alliance of Democracy (PAD) has escalated in popularity more than any other TV channel in Thailand in 2009. This is due of course to precise unbiased news reports which particularly penetrate the essence of Thai politics and offer the audience a real chance to get the real facts. The opposite to the now defunct UDD red-shirt channel which did nothing but spout out pro-Thaksin propaganda.

Since most foreigners would like to thank the PAD for ridding the country of dictatorship by means of raiding and closing Bangkok international airport last year (so offering foreigners a free extended stay in the Kingdom), thai-blogs will give inside knowledge on how you as a foreigner, can join hands with tens of millions of Thai folk and help fund the PAD and their groovy TV channel; while at the same time helping to preserve the environment, promote Thai Buddhism and stay healthy!

Join Thailand Watch Foundation (TWF)

By joining the TWF, you will become a member of a foundation focused on protecting the country from dodgy corrupt politicians besotted only by earning self-gain. For the yearly membership fee of just 300 Baht you will also receive 4 issues of the Thailand Watch Foundation magazine. Or, wait for it……. the foundation is now offering a special promotional package, where for only 1,300 Baht members will also receive a precious TWF edition Jatukham amulet. A similar amulet worn by PAD’s brave leader Mr Sondhi when he survived an assassination attempt where more than the 100 bullets fired at him mysteriously failed to hit the desired spot.

(PAD founder Maj-gen Chamlong giving his thumbs up to ASTV’s revolutionary new fertilizer in a groovy TV commercial campaign)

Purchase a Special Edition Buddhist Amulet

The producers of ASTV have been working around the clock for months to promote Buddhist amulet ceremonies where devotees of the monkhood can be blessed by some of the nation’s most revered monks and earn karmic merit and good luck by purchasing a Buddhist amulet. Some of which have epic scenes of PAD’s occupation of government house embedded on the back. Perhaps most revered of all though are Luangta Thuad amulets; yes… the same monk amulet which Sondhi claims mystically protected him during the horrific assassination attempt.

Apply KwanDin Organic Fertilizer

Encourage super-healthy plant and fruit growth by using only KwanDin organic fertilizer, a revolutionary new tool in the field of farming. In contrast to rival brands, KwanDin does not have any adverse effects on the Thai environment and has already won the thumbs up from international eco-friendly organizations. The biggest thumbs up nevertheless comes from one of the PAD’s glorious founders Maj-gen Chamlong. Showing his total support for KwanDin, Chamlong has authorized a comic-style portrait of himself giving the fertilizer a huge thumbs up on each TV commercial; one that is played every 15 minutes on ASTV.

(ASTV rice… simply delicious!)

Eat ASTV Organic Rice

Grown in the country’s north-east, ASTV organic rice farms are void of all those nasty chemicals which can be found by the gallon in Thailand’s other rice fields. With the assistance of Sondhi’s very own Manager newspaper, ASTV is now offering PAD fans the more than profitable opportunity to invest in their organic rice business. According to latest reports, a kilogramme of ASTV organic rice can be bought at just 110 Baht and sold to customers at 115 a kilo. Therefore, assuring a whopping 5 Baht profit on each sale.

Use Yellow Plus Washing Powder
In co-operation with some of Thailand’s top scientists, the ASTV have invented a brand-new washing powder which makes mockery of its rivals. Unlike popular Tesco-Lotus brands which leave your yellow shirts with a red tint after you put them in the washing machine, Yellow Plus ensures that your yellow PAD shirt will be even yellower than it was previous to washing. Again, Yellow Plus is totally eco-friendly.

According to the latest Bangkok Post on Sunday, ASTV are about to launch their very own soy sauce brand, but very unfortunately the author of this blog was unable to find any info on the Net.

Let it be known that has in no way received any payment from either the PAD or ASTV for this raving write-up. Unlike of course, Thaksin funded pro red-shirt blogsites.

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