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Tours for Bangkok Airport Transit Passengers

On Monday we attended the press conference for the launch of the “Transfer Passenger Tours” at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Yesterday I gave you a rundown of the first eight day tours for transit passengers. Here are the final seven tours.

(9) Erawan Museum and Ancient City (four hours duration) – Erawan is the three-headed elephant and vehicle of the Hindu God Indra. Inside the building there are antiquities and many priceless works of arts. Next you will proceed to the Ancient City (now called Ancient Siam) which is billed as the worlds largest open air museum. This unique attraction contains scaled down and actual size replicas of many of the important buildings and monuments found around Thailand. Prices are from 850 baht each for a group of 6-8 people up to 2,800 baht for a private tour. All prices include admission tickets, tour guide and transport.

(10) Erawan Museum and Crocodile Farm (four hours) – The tour starts at the giant three-headed elephant. Probably the only museum in Thailand where the actual building is more beautiful than the artefacts that it houses. Next on the tour is the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm. The farm has over 60,000 crocodiles of various shapes and sizes as well as a small zoo with hippos, tigers and camels. There is a crocodile wrestling show and an elephant show. Prices are from 850 for a group of 6-8 people up to 2,800 baht for a private tour.

(11) Chulachomklao Fort (4 hours) – This is one of the few working fortresses left in Thailand. First opened in 1893, it fired upon French ships that same year. It has never fired in anger since but the guns are still in good working order. The site also has a Royal Thai Navy training ship that you can explore. At the weekend, this tour will also stop at Bang Nampheung Floating Market. Prices range from 650 baht to 3,900 baht.

(12) The Rose Garden Thai Village and Cultural Learning Centre (6 hours) – The Rose Garden’s award-winning cultural centre transports you into a typical Thai village where villagers will guide you through some of the iconic experiences of traditional Thai living. Guests can learn about silk-weaving, pottery-making, umbrella painting, martial arts, fruit carving, garland making and much more. Prices range from 550 baht to 3,300 baht.

(13) Khlong Suan Market and Wat Sothorn Wararam Woraviharn (4 hours) – This traditional Thai market dates back more than 100 years. The market has changed little over the years and still keeps much of its original charm. From here, the tour continues to Wat Sothorn on the banks of Bang Pakong River. The ubosot is one of the biggest in the country and the Buddha image is very revered by Thai people. Prices range from 650 baht to 3,750 baht.

(14) Massage and Spa (4 hours) – Relax with a Thai traditional massage package followed by a Thai herbal hot compress massage and finishing with an aromatherapy full body oil massage. Prices range from 2,950 baht to 4,500 baht.

(15) Golf Tours (7 hours) – Spend the day on the green. Prices range from 2,850 baht to 5,000 baht for weekdays and 4,000 baht to 6,050 baht for the weekend. The price includes Green fee and Caddy fee only.

In theory it is possible to do many of these yourself. However, as a taxi will cost you about 1,000 baht for the day and you would also then have to pay the 700 departure tax at the airport, you might find that some of these tours are good value for money if there is a group of you. I will work on some more tours that you could arrange yourself from the airport. If you have any questions about these tours then please post in our Bangkok Forums.