Hi-so Thai Girls Selling Their Knickers on the Net

(The following blog is a brief/rough translation of a leading report published in the Thai language Daily News newspaper, May 3)

Unbelievable! Hi-so websites now online full of young women with gorgeous bodies, long hair, really fair-skin who boast they come from well-to-do hi-class families are now selling their knickers over the Net.

To hide their identities however, the lasses hide their faces from the camera. Normal hi-so women have turned around and vented their anger at what they see as immoral behavior bent on destroying society and culture. Doctors have said it is just an odd sexual fetish.

Our investigative team has found that pupils, students, other youth and even working folk have been happily forwarding mail to each other of adverts for used knickers for sale. One forwarded mail our team uncovered was of one lass with a nice body and fair-skin (face hidden) who was selling not only her personal knickers collection, but also an array of other naughty items such as stockings and boots. Prices ranged from 400-3,000 Baht per piece.

After further investigation, our team found out that this young woman in particular was named Wan, 23 years of age, a graduate of a prestigious university in Chiang Mai province and currently worked as a secretary. Wan claimed she was from a well-to-do hi-so family who was only using the profits made from her used knickers trade to save up for a car. Wan was adamant that she only sold pieces of her clothing and not her body. Her email address is sweetygirl_hot@hotmail.com

Like Wan, most of the vendors post their phone numbers for a quick sales deal or chat with potential customers on MSN. You can’t see any of their faces, but all the lasses reckon they are clean and good-looking – what you can see however, is that all the women have fit bodies. On top of just receiving the well-worn ‘nice-smelling’ knickers, customers also receive the added bonus of a free video clip of the garments actually being worn.

Dr Prithat, a psychologist in Chiang Mai, explained that this kind of fetish, originating in Japan, was new to Thailand. He said that “Even though the customers have a kind of mental disorder, they do not suffer from anything serious which needs treatment”.

Well-known hi-so lass, Miss Nuanphan, told us that she had also received the email forwards and admitted to being totally shocked and asked herself “Are these vendors really Thai people?” She went on to explain that women like this were an embarrassment to the hi-so establishment and that they weren’t right in the head.

14 responses to “Hi-so Thai Girls Selling Their Knickers on the Net

  1. I thought it was wierd in Japan and it seems like it has spread to Thailand too. Just seems odd to me!

    Not sure that girl will be pleased with her email address being printed in the paper! Avalanches of spam will no doubt result as will some offers of business probably….

  2. I can’t understand why others are making a fuss out of this. if they are really selling knickers, not their bodies, then i think its far more okay than Thailand being known as the land of easy prostitutes..

  3. I’m sure they smell sweet but I think they’d be too slinky for me to fit into.

  4. I’m not surprised. More and more are choosing towards the “easy” way out. I won’t be surprise if the 1st grader when asked what she want to be when she grows up, she’ll shout out “Coyote Dancer!”.

  5. Brilliant. Only num nuts pervs could possibly fool for anything like this. It’s the same as old ladies talking dirty on 0898 numbers 5-10 years ago, only the email version. Amazing what people will do to get themselves off eh! I’m ordering mine right now.

  6. Gotta love an entrepreneur, good on them, the old addage “a fool and their money…” springs to mind 😉

    And justs whats wrong with being a Coyote Dancer, maybe a more ‘honest’ career would be in investment banking or politics!

  7. I kinda feel sorry for the guys that get caught up in this scam.
    Don’t they know it’s just some guy who went down to the markets and bought 100 pairs of panties.

  8. Stephen Cleary

    This blog’s been flooded with people coming in via Google Search for Sweetygirl’s email. Guess it means a lotta folk ok there with an interest in such a f#tish! Glad you liked the read and thanks for the feedback – beats reading about Thai politics for once.

  9. pls there are many plesant things in thailand more than 100 pairs of knickers

  10. Mr Poonsak

    Hi,stephen,are u wan dad,i want to know Wan,is she a sigle thai ladies?
    i want to contracting wan,could u helped me?that i believed wan idear,
    hope to see u soon
    Dang of Burirum.

  11. I think you shouldn’t put wan’s email add here.It seems like you’re promoting and encourage other peoples to do the same business.Whatever her intention is,let her do it on her own.Thailand dont need that kind of promotion.There’s too uch crazy peoples in Thailand already.

  12. I’m just wondering – they have farang size large? I wear like a jockey 42, that’s us sizes… now, my waist ISNT 42, but those jockeys are tight. Better to give me some room to breathe. Where can I order a pair of these? Save me the trip to the store… I wear second hand shorts and shoes… why not skivvies?

  13. oh my gosh! that’s a wired selling.

  14. I kinda feel sorry for the guys that get caught up in this scam.
    Don’t they know it’s just some guy who went down to the markets and bought 100 pairs of panties.

    Read more: http://www.thai-blogs.com/index.php/2009/05/04/hi-so-thai-girls-selling-their-knickers?blog=8#ixzz0ocezeUPx