How to cook… Mung Bean Noodles Salad

This is a Thai salad that uses mung bean noodles (wun sen) and minced pork. In Thai it is called “yum wun-sen”. You can also add fresh shrimp but we didn’t have any in stock. You might find this a little spicy but it is up to you how many chillies you add. In the ingredients pictured below, you can see chopped onion, red chilli, lime, roasted peanuts, mung bean noodles, cooked minced pork, spring onion and chopped tomatoes in the middle.

You need to prepare the noodles by first soaking them in cold water for ten minutes and then briefly dipping them into boiling water. Then back to the cold water. Then drain them. Mix the noodles together with the minced pork that has already been well cooked. Add some crushed red chillies. Season with an equal combination of fish sauce and lemon juice. Taste it first and then add sugar for the desired amount. Sprinkle on top the spring onion and roasted peanuts. Come back to next week for another Thai recipe. The archives for these food blogs can be found at our website.

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