How to cook… Stir Fried Baby Kale and Pork

We seem to be doing a lot of stir-fried dishes recently. These are popular throughout Asia as they are both easy to cook and also to adapt according to what ingredients you have. Today we are cooking Stir Fired Baby Kale and Pork. In the picture below, you can see pork, garlic and baby kale. This is not as tough as the bigger version so you don’t need to discard so much of the stem.

To cook, fry the crushed garlic in your wok until golden brown. Next add the pork that has already been cut up into bite sized pieces. Finally comes the baby kale. Season with soy sauce, oyster sauce and some sugar if you insist. Make sure that you don’t overcook so that the kale is still a little crunchy. Come back next week to for another recipe that you can cook in a Thai kitchen. The archives for my Thai Food Blogs can be found at

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