How to cook… Wax Gourd Soup with Pickled Lime

This is a simple dish that can be cooked for vegetarians as well without the chicken. It is called “fuk toon ma-nao dong” or Wax Goud Soup with Pickled Lime. In the ingredients pictured below, you can see chicken, mushroom, wax gourd and pickled lime in the middle.

You need to prepare the wax gourd by peeling and then cutting in half. Remove the seeds and membrane. Now cut into large chunks as in the picture. Put some stock in a pot and then add the chicken first. Next comes the wax gourd and mushrooms. You can also add coriander roots and garlic. Once it looks nearly ready, add the pickled lime. Season with soy sauce, fish sauce and sugar. It should have a salty and sour taste. It is best to serve this hot.

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