Who wants a “Beautiful Asian Bride”?

Paul’s latest story on Thai-Blogs popped up on my RSS feed. Naturally, I took a minute off work at hand and dropped in to read.

At the end of the article, I found a surprise.

I know Paknam Web has to make money with online ad and all, but I didn’t think I’d see THAT.


Ah, yes, the stereotypical gorgeous Asian bride. Almond eyes, long flowing hair, lovely fair skin and slim figure. She’s all here for you…

…you overweight, hairy, dorky looking white man.

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Aint’ reversed stereotyping fun?

3 responses to “Who wants a “Beautiful Asian Bride”?

  1. have you seen “my thai ladyboy” yet? (something like that. another regular banner above the forum :-D)

  2. Khun Oak

    Now you have come out and put it on paper before me, I can ‘fess up to thinking:

    “I wonder what she sees in him.” (Apart from his purchasing power maybe.)


    “Doesn’t he know that university tests have proved that if a couple is mismatched in looks, the better looking one is almost certainly going to become dissatisfied and leave or wander sooner, rather than later.”

  3. kun kit di gwaa.. mia chao,mia noi ru puan non.pom kit wa tuk farang tam nii.