Daily Archives: March 10, 2009

The New 2 Baht Thai Coin

After waiting nearly five years, the Royal Thai Mint have finally solved a problem that people were having with the two baht coin. This coin was first introduced back in 2005. It has an image of King Rama IX on one side and the Golden Mount on the other. The problem most people had was that it was only slightly bigger than the one baht coin. When you were in a rush it was easy to mix the two up. In fact, many shopkeepers would write the number “2” on these coins just so that they wouldn’t give two baht back as change instead of one baht.

The new two baht coin is exactly the same size, though a little slimmer. The design has also been modified slightly. However, as you can see, the main difference is the colour. It is now aluminium bronze. This will be much easier to spot the difference and something that they should have done at the start. The only strange thing now is that it is similar to the colour of the smaller satang coins! One hundred satang equals one baht. They will apparently also update the one baht design. What I am now waiting for them to update is a new bank-note. These days the 1,000 baht is too small. I often have to withdraw 20,000-40,000 baht from ATMs at a time and this just makes my wallet too thick. It would be nice to have 2 or 5 thousand baht notes. Though, I guess it won’t be too long before everyone is using an e-purse. These are starting to be more popular in shops like 7-Eleven.