How to cook… Dried Beef in Coconut Milk

The dish today is called Dried Beef in coconut Milk, or “pat neua kati”. You are supposed to prepare the beef first by drying it with salt. Then roasting it until done. Next you are supposed to pound it to separate the fibres. As you can see from the picture of the ingredients below, we just used salted dried beef. Other ingredients are red shallots, palm sugar and tamarind paste. Here you can see the fruit but you can use the bottled version instead.

To cook is very simple. Heat the coconut milk up in a wok. Add the dried beef and stir well. Season with fish sauce, palm sugar and the tamarind paste. The latter will give it a sour taste. Keep stirring until the coconut milk dries out. Finally add the chopped shallots. That’s it. A nice dish which isn’t spicy. Come back next week to for another recipe.

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