Biking to Pattaya – Part 2

After returning home from my previous visit to Pattaya, a Belgian friend on holiday in Pattaya called me to visit him the weekend after. My Tiger’s engine wasn’t cold yet.

With the idea of going back to Pattaya, I started to gather some more information about Pattaya. I was interested where it had all began .The name “Pattaya” originates from “Thap Phraya”, meaning Army of the Phraya – memorializing the capitulation of Nai Klom’s army to that of Phraya Tak (Soon after King Taksin the Great), without a battle. Thap Phraya became Phatthaya (the name of the north-easterly wind at the beginning of the rainy season), and then Phatthaya (the true phonetic spelling).

From its beginning Pattaya was a small fishing village. Since the Vietnamese war broke out, Pattaya changed dramatically into one of the world’s tourism hot spots,. The opening of the new international airport near Pattaya was certainly a good move from the Thai officials. For Thai residents, Pattaya is the family resort par excellence. Pattaya offers lots of attractions such as Scuba diving, Ocean World, Pattaya Waterpark, tiger zoo etc, its too elaborating to name it all.

I made an appointment with my friend on Wong amat beach (Na klua).The northernmost tip of Pattaya Second Road, where it meets North Pattaya Road, marks the end of Pattaya Bay and the start of the area known as Naklua. Naklua means ‘salt fields’ , in reference to the main occupation of the region before the escalation of tourism ‘salt farming’. Nowadays, it still has the air of a village, with some old houses, narrow streets, traditional noodle shops, temples and a fishing pier. Slowly that is changing, however, with many condominium blocks now in the neighborhood, and lots of hotels and restaurants too. Wong Amat is a smoothly curving, 3km-long beach. It occupies the far northern end of the Pattaya Bay headland, but is only accessible from Naklua (usually Sois 16 or 18). Unlike Pattaya Beach or Jomtien, it is free of watersports activities, though that is likely to change. You can hire a deck chair and order some food at an open-air local restaurant at a reasonable price.

After a relaxing chat and dinner with some Belgian friends I was eager to visit the strongly promoted Xzyte Disco. I have to say it was worth paying a visit.

I just wanted to let everyone know how Awesome Xzyte is. Xzyte is HOT. The doorman told me that each night is different, they always are working very hard to keep things fresh and New. I couldn’t check it. I was only in Pattaya for one night. Xzyte has outrageous Las Veg#as Style Shows, but I haven’t been to Las Veg#as yet, and I think Xzyte Shows are BETTER than Las Veg#as,terrific! I think at Xzyte you will be overwhelmed your mind and make you feel good with some good music and a few jokes in between.

The Music is backed up with some very talented musicians as well. The drummer that night was amazing, he entertained everyone with a 5 – 10 minute solo act. I had the feeling I was listening to the great CESAR Zuiderwijk from the Golden Earring. You can really tell the difference between a group of people like the ones at Xzyte who really enjoy doing what they do, Some Thai big name artists showed up before at Xzyte and they wouldn’t waste their time if Xzyte wasn’t worth it. Perfect to spend your night there with your spouse.

The second day I planned to visit Jomtien beach. Jomtien Beach is located about 2 kilometers from South Pattaya. This beach and the area has become more and more popular for swimming, water sports and activities because it has a long straight coastline. There are many hotels guesthouses and restaurants available just across the street from the beach. Many tourists like to be on Jomtien beach because It has long white sandy beach, furthermore you can witness a beautiful coastline and some pretty islands. After a 2 hour (relaxing) time on the beach, I decided to go back home. The very minor point of Jomtien beach is the ever disturbing beach vendors. That’s the reason why I put relaxing in between brackets. If there was a vendor selling parrots I probably would have bought one. Next time I go to Jomthien beach I’ll bring myself a parrot. And I will teach him “mai ow khrap” for a male “mai ow kha” for a female. That means “No thank you”. Every minute vendors disturb you with whatever you can imagine .

After all Pattaya is always a worthwhile visit. I’ve been too many beach resorts already but, I think I may say Pattaya is the most complete Beach resort I ever have seen in my entire life. Anything you want is available in Pattaya. But, contrary to common belief, it’s also a family resort!

Have a nice time in Pattaya … CHARLIE

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