Lusty Ladyboy Monk Forced to Flee

(Below is a rough translation of a report in the Khao Sod newspaper on 8 Feb)

Former ladyboy monk (abbot) Je Dao of Sri Boon Reung temple in the northern province of Lamphun, has quickly and quietly disrobed.

In ladyboy circles, Je Dao had become well-known for changing into a skirt and bra and sneaking out at night to discotheques. On top of that debauchery, Je Dao was known to sleep around with commoner gays.

Je Dao had very recently come under the suspicions of locals who, alongside a female student, informed the cops of the truly immoral behaviour of a monk who takes medicine to grow breasts, goes out at night and enjoys having gay sex. Je Dao had found out that he was under investigation and so quickly disrobed and fled the temple on the morning of the 7th February.

According to some other locals though, Je Dao has their full support and they feel proud of their former breasted ladyboy monk who didn’t quite live up to the expectations of an orange robed-one. According to Je Dao (newly-named Titsaman) in a confidential interview said “I am going to go and work in America within a couple of months”. (as in ‘work’ Je Dao used the Thai words ‘hah kin’ which can also be translated as ‘work as a prostitute’).

Phra Kalaya the monk who conducted the ‘leaving the monkhood ceremony’ said that he it was only his duty. He promised he had no idea of any hidden agenda of Je Dao’s.

Deputy Head of the Lamphun Sangha said that this kind of matter did not shed good light on Lamphun’s temples. In fact, it is even worse than usual stories like this because Lamphun is located in the historically religious Lanna region.

He went on to say that if commoners knew of any other sin-loving monks like Je Dao to inform the local Sangha Committee immediately.

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