Biking to Thung Yai – Huay Kha Khaeng Wildife Sanctuaries

After doing a bit of research, I found out that there were, amazingly, UNESCO Wildlife sanctuaries in Uthai Thani province. These wildlife sanctuaries were declared UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites on 13 December 1991. They cover an area of about 2.780 square kilometers and are part of a large area of national parks and wildlife reserves. I decided that I just had to go!

A little bit about the sanctuaries first though, nearly every kind of virgin forest and jungle found in Thailand is present in these sanctuaries, which are home to a large variety of species, some of which are very rare and endangered: last species of “mahingsa” big buffaloes, are unique to these parks. With only 50 remaining, this means they are the last herd of buffaloes. Special species of tigers and one in particular can also be found; in fact, the sanctuaries rank number 2 in the world for its population, only 13 are left.

A lot of red gaur buffaloes (males turn into black when get older). Rare types of bulls ,several herds of not more than 20 bulls some 2 meters in length , tapirs, leopards, wild elephants, bears, hornbills, deer, snakes, etc. Moreover, wild rhinoceros are also said to still roam the area. Also present are several nationally rare species of reptiles and amphibians, including the Indian Monitor, giant Asiatic toad and Asiatic giant frog. They are also a bird-spotters haven. Combined, Thung Yai and Huay Kha Khaeng sanctuaries are home to 34 internationally threatened species, emphasizing their conservation value.

Huai Kha Khaeng can be reached by taking Uthai Thai – Nong Chang – Lansak Route (Highway No.3438) to KM. 53 – 54, then turn left for another 14 kms. The roads towards the park and Cyber waterfall are in excellent condition and I was able to witness breathtaking surroundings. The deep blue sky was filled with a nice range of mountains, some of the mountains are split in half by bending rivers, displaying their natural prettiness.

A bit late due to the returning traffic to Bangkok just after the New Year, I reached the park and first planned a visit to the unknown Cyber waterfall a few kms before reaching the park I had to cross a river- bed with my GOLDEN TIGER GIRL. It’s widely known that tigers aren’t afraid of water which is very rare for cats. The ever-friendly local farmers advised me to take another road and not to cross the river, many predecessors tried before me. Many of them had got stuck in the middle of the river . Engines, filters or exhaust pipes filled with water – well, reckon that any help is far away. I took the risk however. I counted on the reliability of my Tiger Boxer 250 Rs to go through the 40 – 50 cm deep river. I knew the air filter , spark plug and exhaust are in a high position on the Tiger Boxer 250 Rs.

I mounted my Golden Tiger Girl and pulled her ears; instantly she responded with her rough roaring sound. Full of confidence, I managed to cross the river in one take; my Golden Tiger Girl had accomplished her assignment with glamour. The second option was going around the river – but if i had embarked on that, it would have taken me another hour before I reached Cyber waterfall.

Cyber waterfall is under the responsibility of the Cyber Ranger Station. It is situated 86 km. from the provincial city. This multi-layered waterfall is formed by water, which flows from a high mountain in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. The waterfall at the higher level is called Namtok Loi Choi. Below, there is a huge water basin to receive the water which keeps flowing down continuously. In other part, the water squeezes through rocks to the basin, creating a beautiful high multi-layered waterfall. The waterfall is most stunning from September until early November (rainy season). The waterfall is surrounded by a rattan forest with shady trees. Complete quietness can be experienced here. Only the sound of birds as well as insects are heard here. This was one of the quietest experiences in my entire life. Such natural, unaffected beauty. Here you realize how wonderful our globe is. Let’s respect her a bit more.

I climbed up to the top of the waterfall alone which is normally not allowed. Halfway there is a sign telling tourists that it’s rather dangerous to climb the waterfall. On 14th October 2544 one tourist died, fell down the waterfall – no change to survive. However, if you are a bit cautious its not that dangerous. On my way back I was met by an amiable ranger with his thumbs up. He spoke some Thai words to me, like “farang keng mak” which means ‘courageous foreigner’.

Late afternoon, I returned to Suphanburi, very satisfied about my visit to this unspoiled wildlife sanctuary. The area around the sanctuary from Ban Rai towards Dan Chang is a real bikers paradise, wide curving roads with wonderful landscapes in the background . I rode these roads with the sun setting , completely alone just as if everyone had abandoned this area, so peaceful.

I recommend Thailand as a real bikers’ paradise with many off the beaten track unseen parks and sanctuaries. Thailand has still a lot to offer to tourists .

This Wildlife Sanctuaries in Uthai Thani province obviously “ MADE MY DAY “…… now, which famous actor said that again ?

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