Daily Archives: January 2, 2009

How to cook… Chicken Stirfried with Chilli

This is a simple Thai dish that you can cook with either pork or chicken. In Thai, this one is called “gai pad prik sod”. In the ingredients below, you can see chicken, spring onion, red and green spur chilli, onion and crushed garlic in the centre. The larger chillies seen here are not as hot and spicy as their smaller cousins, so don’t be scared to use a lot.

As with most Thai dishes, the cooking process is very quick so you need to prepare all of the ingredients beforehand. Cut the chillies diagonally and then chop up the onions. Put some oil in your wok and then add the crushed garlic. Some people put the garlic into hot oil. But, I prefer to start it from cold so that it doesn’t burn. As soon as it is brown and fragrant, add the chicken that has already been cut up into bite-sized pieces. Keep stirring all the time. When it is nearly done, add the chilli and onions. You can season with either fish sauce or soy sauce and some sugar. In Thailand they don’t fry their onions for long, so turn off the heat before they become too limp. Next Friday on www.thai-blogs.com I will bring you another Thai cooking blog.