Old Photos of Bangkok

These are some old photos of Bangkok that were taken by Dmitri Kessel in 1950 for Life Magazine. I think it is always nice to look at pictures of familiar places from the past. It is interesting to see how some things have changed while others are much the same.

6 responses to “Old Photos of Bangkok

  1. Hi , I am a tourist guide(French speaking)
    Very happy to see these photos , the first one is in front of Hua Lam Pong central railway station , nearly not change , we can see the trace of Tram-Way which is out of service now…

    For floating market , I am not sure , but it seem not in Thonburi(now call BKK), I think maybe in Samutsongkram Province or Damnoensaduak(Rachaburi Province) , can you tell me where you took these photo of floating market ?

  2. Nice site

  3. Wonderful pics with historical value. Thanks.

    Surprisingly, traffic problem was already apparent, albeit by a different kind of vehicle.

  4. Hi Richard,
    These photos really are amazing, telling a story of a world an age ago.

    It also demonstrates to me that Thailand like most countrys hasn’t changed over time; the only difference between today and the pictures on this page is technology.

  5. I am pretty sure those are Bangkok floating markets. I have seen some pictures like this and they said it was Bangkok. The floating market at Damnoensaduak is a recent one for tourists only.

  6. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures. Keep them coming.=)