How to cook…Hard-Boiled Egg in Tamarind Sauce

This is another one of those simple dishes that doesn’t need much effot in making. In Thai, it is called “kai luk kery”. Interestingly, this translates literally as “son-in-law eggs”! In the ingredients below, you can see tamarind juice at the top and soy sauce below that. You can use fish sauce instead if you don’t mind the smell. At the bottom left we have dried hot chillies and garlic cloves. Or you could use red shallots instead. You also need two hard boiled eggs. On the right is the palm sugar – though obviously don’t put it all in!

Heat some oil in a wok and when hot add your hardboiled eggs. When they are golden brown then set aside. Next you need to fry some crushed garlic or red shallots. Then set these aside. Stir fry the palm sugar next. Add the tamarind juice and soy sauce and continue to stir until it becomes like a syrup. The taste should be sour, salty and sweet. Adjust the balance if it is not right. Next, cut the eggs in half and place face up on a plate. Sprinkle the top with the fried garlic and fried dried chillies. Pour the sauce over the top. You will find it is a very delicious dish. I will share with you another dish to cook at next week.

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