How to cook… Stir-fried Morning Glory

This vegetarian dish, using morning glory, is called “pad pak bung fai daeng” in Thai. The last part “fai daeng” refers to the red flame that leaps up when you throw in the vegetables. You can also do a version using minced pork. The ingredients for the vegetarian version are shown below. They are morning glory, garlic cloves and bird’s eye chilies.

You can cook this dish in several different ways. If you want it to be spicier, you should pound the garlic and hot chilies together with your mortar and pestle. This is what they do in shops. But today, we added the crushed garlic first to the oil in the wok and fried until golden brown. Next came the morning glory. We then seasoned with oyster sauce and soy sauce. Chilies came last. Some shops also add fermented soy beans. This is a brown sauce which I find a bit salty.

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