Farewell to a Princess

The nation today bid farewell to the late Princess Galyani who was cremated in an elaborate ceremony this evening in Bangkok. Hundreds of thousands of people dressed in black witnessed this historical event at Sanam Luang. For people in the provinces who couldn’t make it to Bangkok, there were ceremonies that were synchronized with the events in Bangkok. These pictures were taken today at the city hall in Samut Prakan.

In this picture, the Governor of Samut Prakan Province is offering robes and basic essentials to senior monks. Our ceremony this afternoon started at 3 p.m. with chanting and a sermon. Then the thousands of people at the city hall watched live pictures from Bangkok of H.M. the King placing symbolic sandalwood flowers onto the funeral pyre.

Once the ceremony in Bangkok was over, then the Governor of Samut Prakan and the senior monk placed their own sandalwood flowers in front of a portrait of Princess Galyani.

Next came the turn of the monks followed closely by government officials. Everyone lined up in rows of ten and all moved forward row by row.

Behind them were the thousands of local people who patiently waited their turn to place sandalwood flowers at the shrine. In Bangkok and around the country, thousands of people were doing the exact same thing.

A few hours later, the remaining people were entertained with traditional Thai dancing and Khon performances. Similar events were also held in Bangkok.

At about 9.30 p.m. many people returned to the city hall to watch the actual cremation of the princess live on big screens. There was an absolute hush as H.M. The King lit the funeral pyre followed by senior members of the Royal family. Once this was over, the Governor of Samut Prakan then lit our own symbolic version of the funeral pyre while the cremation song was being played over loudspeakers.

Everyone who attended the funeral were given a booklet about the ceremony and the life of Princess Galyani . We have some English versions of this funeral souvenir which we will be giving away in an exclusive competition tomorrow on our forums over at www.ThailandQA.com.

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