Daily Archives: October 23, 2008

The Emerald Waters of Kanchanaburi

Damnoensaduak by you.

In 1989 I had a chance to visit Kanchanaburi, but I missed it in a bout of laziness. But when the opportunity came, it came back with many rewards. The biggest was that I was with my wife. If in 2008 the river could be so beautiful and pristine, it might have been more in a state of nature in 1989! Or perhaps, people have taken care of the river and maintained it as it was.

From Bangkok, we first went to the famous floating market at Daimnoensaduak. The floating market remains as it was, only a little bit more crowded. On the way out we saw the exquisite Post Office above. It seems that a competition was going on through post cards for football teams, so many customers were writing letters.

When we reached Kanchanaburi, on the way the Tescho Lotus presented a festive face. The Bus Bay by the river also had many shops with jewellery in semi-precious stones. All around there were clothes shops and varied food kiosks. The place seemed like the famous night bazaar in day time. The river however was awesome. The water seemed to flow with great speed and this structure below, just by the Kwai Bridge presented the charm of an indolent Dak Bungalow.

kanchana 1 by you.

The blue and green mountains curtain off the river in to a shallow gorge. Travelling in the water I found that the power speed boats were too fast. One needs the silent move of a boat to experience the natural force of the river.