Lunchtime Thai Menu 33

As it is the Vegetarian Festival in Thailand this week, I thought I would share with you pictures of our vegetarian meal today. We are all eating meals for ten days that don’t have any meat, fish or animal products. This first one looks like our old favourite “moo krapao” which is minced beef and basil. However, this version is cooked with tofu, shaped to look like minced pork. It is called “pad krapao jay rat khao”.

The second dish is another of our favourites. But, it isn’t “som tum tai” even though it may look like it. It is missing three main ingredients, fried shrimp, fish sauce and garlic. It tastes alright, but obviously not the same.

The next one is the famous “laab”. However, this one has no meat and is called spicy chopped mushroom and fried tofu.

The next dish is fried egg plant with sweet basil leaves.

This one is called “gra poh pla jay” though there is no fish in this one. Main ingredients, other than tofu, are mushrooms, bamboo shoots and carrots.

The final is our dessert. It is called “khanom pang na maprao jae” which is basically shredded coconut on bread. There will be another selection next week. All of these vegetarian dishes were bought at Racha Market in Paknam, Samut Prakan. The market opens fully at 4 p.m. I will be going back there soon to choose my meal for this evening. Another five days to go of vegan meals.

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