Bangkok Dangerous

I think it is rather ironic that the Nicolas Cage movie, Bangkok Dangerous, is being released this week in America and across Asia. It comes at a time when Bangkok really is dangerous. After the street battles last night and this morning’s declaration of a state of emergency, a number of countries have started to inform their citizens to only travel to Thailand if it is essential. Coupled with the street demonstrations, we are facing nationwide train strikes and blockades at international airports. The situation is very versatile and changing from moment to moment. One person was killed last night and dozens seriously injured. Despite a emergency decree forbidding more than five people gathering in one place, the main protest site that is presently occupying government house, has managed to swell in size with more people coming throughout the evening. In addition, hundreds of people are gathering along Phra Athit Road to protect the offices and studio of ASTV. Violent clashes are expected here tonight. This road is only a stone’s throw from the backpackers haven at Khao San Road.

I said earlier that it was ironic that Nicolas Cage’s movie is being released this week. It is even more so when you realize that the filming of the movie was disrupted during the last army coup in Thailand! With the army taking control of the streets again, is this a sign that we are about to have another coup?

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