Thailand Food Journey

If you go to Thailand on holiday, you will most likely find that the local food is one of your highlights. You will find this both delicious and cheap. My sister and her family were here in Thailand this past week, so I thought I would share with you some pictures of the street food that they ate. For the past seven months or so I have been sharing with you pictures of the food that we have been eating in the Paknam Web offices every Friday. My sister has been following these food blogs too and so when they came here this week they wanted to try out some of the highlights. Some of the food we bought came from roadside food hawkers. These were obviously cheap. Other times we ate in restaurants.

1. Tom Yum Egg Noodle with Red Pork (baa mee tom yum)
2. Egg Noodle with Wonton and Red Pork (baa mee kieo nam moo daeng)

At noodles stalls you are often spoilt for choice as there are at least five different kinds of noodles. Then you can choose either dry or with soup. With wontons and with red pork or fish balls. These are my two favourites. The first one is hot and spicy. The other is up to you how much of the four flavours you add.

3. Chicken in Yellow Curry (khao mok gai)
4. Chicken Rice (khao mun gai)

These two are always very popular. You can choose either fried chicken or boiled chicken. They both come with sauces and a bowl of chicken stock. The yellow rice has turmeric.

5. Noodles Fried in Soy Sauce (pad si-eel)
6. Crispy Noodles in Gravey (rat naa mee grob)

Like the earlier noodles, you can choose any kind you like. I prefer the wide noodles and the crispy egg noodles. The same stall usually sells both of these dishes.

7. Chicken curry (gang gari gai)
8. Green Curry with pork (gaeng kieo moo)
9. Green curry with bamboo shoots
10. Red curry with pork

There are so many different currys and soups. Difficult to be comprehensive here. Two that I missed here are massaman and penang curry. The traditional Thai curry are coconut milk based.

11. Tom Yum Chicken (tom yum gai)
12. Coconut Soup with Galangal (tom kha gai)

I like the bottom two soups a lot. Tom Yum is the dish made with lemon grass and galangal. The latter dish has more galangal and coconut milk. Tom Yum is often cooked with fresh prawns. But, it is equally as good with chicken.

13. Fish cakes (tod mun pla)
14. Satay Pork

There are so many roadside snacks that there is only room for two favourites here.

15. Grilled chicken and sticky rice
16. Som Tam

Som tam, made with shredded green papaya and sauces such as lime juice, fish sauce, tamarind paste and also crushed garlic. It is often eaten with grilled chicken and sticky rice. I never grow bored with this dish and can eat every week.

17. Fried noodles with dried shrimp (pad thai)
18. Fried mussels in batter (hoi tod)

The last two dishes are often sold together. The first one, pad thai, is popular with most foreigners. Like any dish, the recipe varies a lot and I will often cross the town to eat at my favourite food vendor. The second dish is fresh mussels fried in a batter that also includes an egg. I like the crispy version of this one.

This list is by no means comprehensive but gives an idea what you should try and eat on a short holiday in Thailand. Feel free to add your own favourites in the comments section. If I don’t have them already over at our sister site then I will add them soon. Come back next week to when I will be continuing our weekly Friday Lunch Menu.

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