Lunchtime Thai Menu 28

Pork Curry with Morning Glory

This is the continuation of our weekly Friday Lunch Menu in the Paknam Web offices. Every Friday we are bringing you photos of the Thai Street Food that we eat. Our budget for four people is about $5. Our first dish today is “gaeng tay-poh moo” which is basically morning glory in a red curry with fried pork. I don’t eat this one that often but still enjoy. In fact, I enjoy most coconut curries. This one was only 30 baht.

Northern Thai Green Chilli Dip

We have been doing these weekly food blogs for seven months now. I have shared with you most of my favourites. In order to provide you with a variety I need to also show you some of the food I am not so keen on. This Northern Thailand dish called “nam prik num” is one of them. I am sorry, I am not really keen on anything that uses fermented fish as the main ingredient. Though apparently they like it up north. It is often eaten with vegetables or, as in this case, with crispy pork skin. Which again I wasn’t that thrilled about. The main dish was 20 baht and a bag of crispy pork skin was also 20 baht.

Northern Thai Spicy Sausage

Sausages in Thailand are not the same as we have in most Western countries. I am not talking about the synthetic sausages that you get at places like 7-Eleven. The street food sausages are from Isaan and Northern Thailand. These are either beef or pork and have extra fillings such as sticky rice, minced ginger and pepper. This one is from the north and is called “sai aua”. The ingredients of this one is different to other Thai style sausages. It contains pork, kaffir lime leaves, and a mixture of sauces including dark soy sauce, fish sauce and light soy sauce. This is then marinated with a chilli paste. The sausages are served with sticky rice, pickled ginger and small hot chillies. This was only 20 baht.

Shrimp Nugget (hoi jor)

This dish, called “hoi jor” is a good side dish which is always worth ordering if you are at a restaurant. The main ingredient of this one is shrimp. The mixture is wrapped in soy bean sheets. This is then first steamed and then later deep fried. This cost 35 baht which put us over budget this week a bit.

Glossy Coconut Dessert (ma-prao kaew)

The dessert today is “maprao kaew” which is basically sweet dried coconut. I don’t like dried coconut that much and as usual this was a bit too sweet. The cost was 30 baht.

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