Daily Archives: July 4, 2008

Lunchtime Thai Menu 27

Rice with Red pork (khao moo daeng)

Around town you will probably often see some red pork hanging in the glass cabinets of the roadside food vendors. This goes with both rice and noodles. This popular dish is rice with red pork. If the vendor is lazy, the pork would have just been brushed with red food colouring before roasting. However, traditionally they marinate it in a mixture of tomato paste, dark and light soy sauces, and sugar. This is then barbecued. The sliced pork is placed on the boiled rice together with cucumber and a halved hard-boiled egg. The sauce that is poured amply on top is a main feature. This is made up with pork stock, light soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar and rice flour. Not too exciting but a good standby meal if there isn’t much else to eat. These days it costs at least 30 baht.

Rice with Crispy Fried Pork Belly (khao moo grop)

This is an alternative to the first dish. Instead of red pork, it uses the more crispy fried pork belly. You don’t get an egg with this one but you get the same red/brown sauce. Again this one was 30 baht.

Chinese Fried Chicken on Rice

This dish is certainly in my top ten of street food in Thailand. It is quite common. There are two versions. Boiled chicken, and this one which is fried chicken. This is my favourite. A bit like eating at KFC but at a fraction of the price. The rice is boiled in chicken stock which gives it a better flavour. The dish comes with a bowl of chicken stock and chili dip which is also sweet. This has now gone up to 30 baht. I always ask for special by saying “piset”.

Khanom Leb Meu Nang

Our dessert today was good as usual however I wouldn’t rush to buy again. It is called “leb meu nang”. It is made up of a mixture of rice flour and cassava flour. This is made into a kind of dough and then shaped to look like thin fingers. These are then placed in boiling water. When it floats it is ready. It is then mixed with grated coconut and salt. The first dip is coconut boiled with salt and then mixed with rice flour. The second dip is a mixture of stir fried sesame seeds and sugar. For only 10 baht, this Thai dessert is worth trying.