Randy Professor Caught in the Act

Police in the north-eastern province of Ubon Ratchathani have opened a case against a randy university professor for supposedly trying to give one of his 3rd year art students (Miss Noi) some private oral tuition in exchange for better grades. After the victim reported the attempted so-called molest to the cops, the hell-belly cops rode straight to scene (author’s notes: after a few hours that is) to hopefully find the professor in the act (literally) in his office. Instead of finding him having it off with one of his sweet students, he was instead found to be in complete remorse crying over a bottle of beer smoking a cigarette and looking completely stressed out. What was exceptionally embarrassing for the professor was that his wife, another lecturer at the institute came running in to see what the criminal commotion was all about. One can only guess she wasn’t too chuffed when she was asked to witness the victim acting out a re-enactment of the attempted juicy incident (hopefully not with the professor himself that is).

More tears came when he found out the student had secretly video-taped his latest escapades on camera which clearly show him trying to force her to get on her knees and enjoy a banana shake. More embarrassment is to come when he finds out that the naughty homemade video has been watched more by Thais than the Euro 2008 cup final.

According to fellow witnesses, friends of Miss Noi, it seems the randy professor has had a long history of offering ‘good sex for good grades’, and ‘excellent grades for a bit of ‘doggy over the desk’. The dean of the university was quoted as saying that he would take the matter extremely serious and take disciplinary action against the professor and any students who have been known to have taken up the randy professor’s offer in the past.

Parents have been up in arms these few months at the unprecedented amount of ‘good sex for good grades’ cases and have asked the Ministry of Education to determine whether or not such a policy is or is not part of the education system.

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