Lunchtime Thai Menu 23

Stir-fried Thai Flat Beans (kung pat sa-tor)

The Thai flat beans used in this dish are common in Southern Thailand. It is called “sa tor”. This healthy dish which helps to increase your appetite has two versions. One with shrimp paste and this one with curry paste. Other major ingredients include pork, shrimp, garlic and shallots. It is seasoned with fish sauce, sugar and lime juice. This is a good side dish well worth buying to eat with something else. This cost us 30 baht.

Coconut Milk and Fermented Soy Bean Sauce (tao jiao lon)

The main ingredient of this is a mixture of coconut milk and fermented soy bean sauce. It also has chopped shrimp and pork and shallots and chillies. It is seasoned with sugar and tamarind juice. The fermented soy bean makes this a little salty. It is usually served with fresh vegetables such as cabbage and cucumber. This dish only cost 25 baht.

Fried Prawn and Squid in Curry Sauce (pat pong kari talay)

I really like the “pong kari” curry powder dishes. My favourite is the soft shelled crab curry (pu nim pat pong kari). Be careful when you order the hard shelled version as it can get quite expensive and is not very good value for money as you cannot eat everything. This version uses seafood such as fried shrimp and squid. I am never that keen on seafood like squid but I enjoyed the curry. I have never tried to cook this but might have a try some time. You basically fry the seafood with some curry powder. Then you add a mixture of milk, chilli paste and an egg. Add some oyster sauce and then chopped onion, spur chili and spring onion and season with pepper. Not a bad dish for 25 baht.

Banana in Syrup (kluay kai cheuam)

Our dessert today was delicious as usual. As you know, I don’t normally like bananas, but Thai desserts with bananas are often very tasty. For this one, water is mixed with some sugar and put in a pan to boil. Then some lemon juice is added. The heat is then lowered and peeled bananas are put in the pan and allowed to simmer for about five minutes. The topping is some coconut milk which has a dash of salt. This was 25 baht.

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