Wai Khru Ceremony

All of the students at my school took part in the annual Wai Khru Ceremony today. The students presented their teachers with flowers and said “thank you” to them for giving them knowledge. In return, the teachers gave them a blessing which the students believe will give them good luck for the coming academic year. The flowers given to the teachers are symbolic. Dok Ma Khue (eggplant flower) stands for respect because when the tree is blooming its branches bend down in the same way a student pays respect to their teacher. Ya Praek (Bermuda grass) stands for patience or perseverance because although the grass looks wilted it is still very much alive. Khao Tok (popped rice) stands for discipline because the rice is placed in a pan together and heated up to become popped rice. The Dok Kem has the same name as the Thai word for needle. So it means the student will be sharp-witted and brainy. The ceremony always takes place on a Thursday towards the start of the academic year. Thursdays are considered to be auspicious for teachers.

You can listen to a audio streaming of the Wai Khru Poem recited by one of our students at www.SpokenThai.com.

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