Crazy things people Google – 03

The end of the month has reached us again and it is time to take a look at what the crazy things people type in search engines in order to find us. Well, the good news first. Up to now, most people found us through the MSN search engine. However, as of about 22nd april, Google finally updated their database and are now sending people our way. We are peaking at 1,400 unique visitors per day now, mainly thanks to Google.

So, what was the trend for this month? Well, the good news is that the search phrase “thai blogs” is now back at the top of the charts. However, many people are still looking for pictures of hairy armpits and that singing Dutch guy. Songkran was in the news a lot, so many came in looking for “thailand waterfight pictures”. Last month I helped some people out by giving them the lyrics for the Loy Krathong song. Now they want the “loy krathong guitar chords”! Will it ever end? Before they wanted Thai fisherman pants and now they want “japanese fisherman pants”! I can understand why people are coming to us looking for “lottery result bangkok thailand” but why are they looking here for “lottery new mexico” and “lottery australia”!

According to one guy from the UK, English people might think that “thais eat cockroach”. Not on my watch they don’t. Then, there is another person looking for a “photo of people eaten by crocodiles”. Yuck! This following piece of news I must have missed: “thailand monk boils himself in oil”.

Here are some quests for answers that unfortunately probably went unanswered. However, it might give topic ideas to future blogs:

what to give a thai woman as a gift
stunt school in thailand
how many thai amulets can one keep

and some maybe we won’t blog about as it isn’t really Thailand related…

What is the main reson that cheetah are endangered
effects of burning plastic
picture of an eagle and her young eaglets
Amount of recycled items compard to the amount of thrown away items
Does curry cause smelly armpits?
pollution chants or poems for first grade students
cambodia travel centipede warnings
sticky rice was a critical ingredient in the making of statue of liberty

Finally, our Steve likes to do “dos and don’ts” blogs. Maybe he can help this person who is looking for “dos and donts of wearing short skirts”! Actually, I will finish with this one. Someone is actually searching for the “crazy things people google”. I wonder why they came here?!

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