Siamese Invasion at the Renaissance Faire

Americans do funny things, you might say.

There are these renaissance faires all over the country through out the year, usually in the spring/summer when the weather is nice. Folks get together to dress up and reenact the glorious days of 13th-17th century Europe.

Instead of renting a period costume like everybody else, I thought I should represent my heritage. I didn’t think it would be right for an Asian girl to be parading around Ren Faire in a corset and full skirt. I could definitely swing the nomad/tribal gitups but still, why should I when I can represent the Kingdom of Siam at the time.

13th-17th century, that would put me in the Ayuddhaya period.

There are few challenges.

First of all, I don’t have all that many Thai costume articles with me. Well, not that everything would fit any more. I have grown a few inches in girth since I bought my Thai classical dance costumes in high school.

And then there is the issue of the weather. It is blazing desert hot out in Irwindale, where the Faire takes place. These costumes are all polyester and/or with long sleeves.

I almost settle for the Northeastern garb for “Sueng Kratib” (The sticky rice container dance) because of the shorter “skirt” and lighter weight shirt. But then I looked myself in the mirror and I couldn’t get over the fact that I looked like an Issan restaurant waitress. No go on that outfit.

And finally, the fact that if I would REALLY want to be accurate with the time period, I would most certainly be topless or clothed with sheer fabric on top.

Wishful thinking, boys. But…um…no.

I fetched my Northern wrap skirt, a Northern hand woven shawl, some silver jewelry, and the headpiece from my “Chuy Chai” dance costume.

And voila, a Northern Siamese princess representin’ at the Renaissance Faire!

You betcha I was one of the few in true Asian costumes there. 🙂

Here’s me and my hubby.


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