Let’s get it on? Not so for 70% of Thai women.

Oh geez. I’ve been gone since Christmas? Dang. Sorry, kiddies. I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much. 🙂

And to get back on the Thai-Blogs saddle, let’s dive right in to the deep end, shall we?

Let’s talk about sex.

That’s right. Reader discretion is advised before you proceed.

Are we all advised? Good. Let’s get to it.

The Nation’s Daily Xpress reported that 70% of Thai women cannot achieve orgasm.

Sexologist Dr Pansak Sugkrakroek says most Thai women cannot reach orgasm because their partners do not know how to help them.

“They just care about themselves,” he says. “Making love is a kind of art that they have to learn so that they can help their partners.”

Pansak says some couples end relationships because they cannot help each other to reach orgasm.

Goodness. This article is possibly the most “sex” and “orgasm” I’ve seen in a Thai newspaper in a while. Haha!

Now about those 70%.

How could these Thai women help the partner on that when there’s a stigma hanging over their head about their sexuality!

From my experience, which probably have changed somewhat since I left the country, it was taught to Thai girls everywhere that we should all be saving ourselves for marriage. That no one wants to marry “damaged good” or an “experienced woman”. Bluntly, no one is going to marry a slut.

Even if you’ve broken the sacred golden rule of preserved virginity, if your now husband doesn’t know about your past, you would have to pretend to be the innocent thing he thought you were.

How is it, I ask you, that us traditional Thai girls are supposed to ask for what we want in bed if 1) we don’t know of what we are looking to achieve, or 2) we are to keep up the pretense of #1.

I’m sure a lot has changed since when I was growing up, but I have a feeling a Thai guy, although he would appreciate a girl who’s done it before and is willing to do it with him, wouldn’t want her to have 15 other partners before he comes around. (Any Thai dudes out here, go ahead and weigh in on that, would ya?)

Not to mention that somewhere out there, we also get the information that we are supposed to just please the husband. Our cultures and society taught us to hang on to the man the best we can. You have to make him feel like a god, the most powerful man in the universe. Or something to that degree.

It doesn’t matter if you get what you want as long as he gets his is the lesson there. And yes, that means faking is crucial. Give a little smile. Make a little noise. Pop that “When Harry Met Sally” into your DVD players, and learn from the best.

The moment he’s not happy with you, you know there are a dozen chickies out there lining up to take your place. That’s how you lose your man.

Ah, the minor wives/mistress/boyfriend stealing vixen paranoia that is drilled into our pretty little heads since girlhood.

That was what we were told. And we followed. That is my theory of how we ended up with that 70%.

Like I also said, I am not sure if things are still the same way it was for the newer generation. I hope that the younguns who might be coming by here could help me shed some lights on the situation.

P.S. Just for the record, I had to work on my relationships for a while to get out of the mentality I grew up with. Suffice to say that I am not in that 70% and I’m just going to leave it at that. 😉

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