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Lunchtime Thai Menu 14

Fried Kale with Crispy Pork

For the next few weeks, we will be buying our Friday Lunch at our local food shop. This is the kind of place that does one dish meals. They have a menu up on the wall which is much the same as other shops. So, just call out your favourite and the chances are that they can cook it for you. The first one is fried kale with crispy pork or “khana moo grob” in Thai. The pork is usually fried in advance. So just cook the kale with garlic and chili in an oyster sauce. This is a good dish for only 25 baht.

Fermented Pork Fried Rice

This is a basic fried rice dish though with fermented pork. In Thai it is called “khao pad naem”. You add the fermented pork to a hot wok together with the sliced onion and red shallots. Once they are cooked through, add the cooked rice and continue stirring until cooked. This one also has egg. Season with sugar and fish sauce. This dish also costs 25 baht.

Fried Noodles with pork and dark soy sauce

Our third dish today is the fried wide noodles (usually “sen mee”) which is called “pat si yew”. That is not easy to write in Roman letters. I quite like this dish but the recipe does vary a bit so you might need to shop around a bit to find your favourite. To make, fry chopped garlic in a wok until golden brown. Add pork or beef and stir-fy quickly. Break an egg into the wok and stir quickly until it is set. Then add the noddles and again stir and toss well to make sure nothing burns. Finally add the broccoli. Season with both dark and light soy sauce, sugar and fish sauce. There is a gravy version of this called “rat naa” and is often made at the same shop. I will buy some soon to show you. This dish was again 25 baht.

Fried Tofu, Taro and Corn

Our snack today is fried tofu (coloured white on the left), fried corn (at the top) and fried taro (on the right). You can buy them separately or mixed like we did. This dish was 20 baht. The dip is important as usual. This is a mixture of vinegar, water, sugar, salt and chili which is boiled together and then allowed to cool. There is also ground peanuts. However, when you buy it on the street, it is in separate bags and you just mix it together when you get back home.

Khanom Puak Kuan

Our dessert today was Khanom Puak Kuan. There are two different kinds as you can see in this picture. The brown one is a taro pudding and the yellow one is made from mung bean. These are cooked first and then it is combined with a mixture made up of coconut cream, palm sugar and salt. I had to try quite a few before I could decide which one I liked more. In the end I went for the taro. Fiften of these cost only 20 baht.

Come back to thai-blogs.com next week to find out what we are eating on Friday. I will be archiving all of these Thai street food blogs on a new website which will be ready to launch maybe at the end of this month. I will tell you more about that later.