How to eat…. Star Fruit

Another one of those unusual fruits that you can buy while on holiday in Thailand is the Star Fruit, otherwise known as Carambola. It is oval-shaped and has 3 to 5 ridges along its length. It is light green in colour but turns yellow when it ripens. When cut in cross section it provides you with a star shape, hence the name. The fruit is easy to prepare. You need to cut off the tough ridges with a peeler and then slice off each end. Then cut into slices. The thickness is up to you. Other than the ridges, the skin is alright to eat. There are some seeds inside which should be removed first. It is nice and juicy and is probably best served chilled. Though if you put it in the refrigerator you need to cover it. The fruit is a good source of Vitamin C and has less than 30 calories per fruit. At my local supermarket it is a little expensive at 65 baht per kilo. This is about US$2. You will probably find it cheaper down the market. Try something different the next time you are in Thailand.

Thai name: มะเฟือง (ma-feuang)

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