Thai Heritage Day

The 2nd of March is National Thai Heritage Conservation Day. It was set up to enhance public awareness of the value and importance of the national arts. The stamps shown here were released today.They illustrate dvarapala, the guardian of the temple.

(Left): The guardians painted on the door panels at the rear of the Putthaisawan Throne Hall, National Museum, Bangkok. (Right): The guardians painted on the window panels at Wat Suthat Thepphawararam, Bangkok.

(Left): The guardians carved on the wooden door panels at Wat Phra Sisanphet, Ayutthaya. (Right): The guardians carved on the wooden door panels at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Bangkok.

4 responses to “Thai Heritage Day

  1. Thank you for this stamp blog. I used to collect stamps when I was a kid. Later I decided to give my entire collection as it was too time-consuming 🙁

    Do you collect stamps too, Richard? Last year, I think Thailand released a series of stamps based on prominent Thai monks. It is a pity I did not get to see them.

  2. I sort of collect stamps for myself, and anyway, I buy all new stamps as soon as they are released for the Stamp Club at the school. I think I have some of those monk stamps left over. I can give you some if you like. They sold out very quickly at the post office but I managed to buy quite a few first. They are now collectors items. Some Jatukam stamps just came out too.

  3. Good day Richard,

    What is the world written in Thai in the stamps? To me it seems like Prathek Theya.

    with best wishes


  4. Thank you, Richard. I would love to see the ‘monk’ stamp set. I might not be able to keep them though. They might suffer a lack of care from me.