Can I talk about the global warming here?

I ran into one article in the Spanish newspaper this morning talking about the glacial’s melting situation. Since 5000 years ago the rhythm of the melting has been increasing, especially in 2006, there’s a proof observed by The Observer that it was melting the fastest ever. This, and including the unpredictable flood and drought, are clear evidences of a global warming. I’m sure all of us have heard of that loads and loads of times.

Now, what do we do after we hear about it? Criticize, complain and keep on using the air-conditioner and accumulating the huge amount of rubbish like plastic and fome? Don’t deny that, we all do, including me. I’ve heard people complaining how hot it is that they cannot even move nor sleep. I’ve heard of people referring to other people in general that don’t really care to make anything better but making the situation worse. But I’ve also heard of some countries suggesting their citizens to put the amount of their energy’s consumption indicated on the bill each month in the website in order to find out how many trees they should grow for that lost. And I’ve also heard of the Kyoto Protocol like you guys.

Back in Thailand, teachers used to teach us not to create so much rubbish. One person, one piece of rubbish, 60 million from the whole country, 60 million pieces. It’s not just all about waking up one day and find out that we’re covered by trash everywhere, but in that rubbish, there are 90% that won’t disappear easily, even worse, they will give back the effect on our earth like global warming.

Despite all that, we all still act like it’s something distant. Nothing bad would happen that fast. In the article that I read this morning, I was shocked with people’s comments. Everybody came to say like well, if it is to happen, then there’s nothing we can do. Or it started since 5000 years ago and already happened before, then it’s the nature to decide. I mean, yea it’s true that if it’s something natural that it might be a little far too hard for human beings like us to take control of. But, does it mean that we really have to be that indifferent? Weren’t they our ancestors a part of provoking the nature to get this angry? And aren’t they us who are even making it angrier? Aren’t they our children and grandchildren and great grand children to receive the results? I don’t understand how warm-blood animals like human can be this cold.

I, myself, am collecting the seeds from oranges that I eat everyday to plant later. My boyfriend and I donated money to be a part of Green Peace. But I know some must be thinking that what I’m doing with the oranges is so childish and it’s really nothing joining Green Peace since it doesn’t even belong to any government and it doesn’t really have that much of power to really push any project work. However, I’m proud of myself that I’m not really neglecting what’s been happening here.

I just think that it’s the world that gives us food, home, medicine, clothes, knowledge, a place to go visit and etc. And for you guys over here, it´s the world that gives you different types of places in the different part of the world, for example, Thailand. We´ve got the beaches that nowhere else does and the amazing weather like summer all year long. I just think that we should be a little more considerate to the world. A little amount of gratitude won’t cost us anything, will it?

By the way, Thai people like to say that human beings always try to solve the problems when it’s already too late. True. We all learn by heart to solve each problem according to Buddist way but that’s only for the exam, right? cuz later we still don’t do things considering the possible effects in the future. We don’t solve the problems a priori but from the effects themselves. Well, I wanted to write about something else today but somehow reading those comments and realizing human´s reactions made me dissapointed. I know my writing will be forgotten sooner or later just like those facts that the scientists trying to convince us everyday. But at least, I hope somebody else cares a little more about the nature today.

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  1. Just answer this, why did the earth warm and the last ice age melt? Was that due to human causes?

  2. It seems that some people are not ready to endorse any responsibility for this global warming. I remember that at university, one of my teacher from the geology courses used to tell us that the earth’s cycles are very slow but never-the-less ineluctable, and that it would be very pretentious to consider humans as responsible for more than 5% of the global warming going on. If it first seemed reassuring, I realized later that this was only one hypothesis among a few others existing in the geologists’ community to explain the phenomenon, the other ones appearing to be much more pessimistic. As in every social issue, if doubt still persists, each of us is free to decide what to do. Regarding one’s knowledge, social environment, degree of concern for the future, needs, or just one’s ability to survive and feed his family, the question might be of higher or lower priority, and the self-commitment initiatives taken might be of various importance.

  3. I’ve just got to say that I’m just one of the ignorant people who don’t really take much action on solving the global warming problem. But at least when I think I’ve got some comforting thought such as I use plastic box which can be washed and reused instead of using the transparent film (I’m not sure if it’s called like this as I’ve always called it M-wrap: the brand I’ve known all my life).

    Well, I think you’re right that after reading about the problem, we become more careful, at least for a little while. Maybe everyone’s little while of carefulness would make at least a tiny difference, just to be positive-thinking.

    P.S. I think I’ve heard that “a priori” thing in Antonio’s class…

  4. Forgot the most important: thank you for this new post Bow! It is always very interesting to read you 🙂

  5. There is little doubt that emerging capitalist and communistic countries will increase their amounts of greenhouse gas/carbon footprint all the while “claiming” how green they are.

    The real nonsense will more than likely calm global warming fears, but in reality, things will continue to escalated until many low lying[sea level]areas around the world are ever more dycked up like Holland, until there is no recourse to be fill in lower lands to escape the on rushing seas.

    Expect Bangladesh to lose 30% of it’s land area before anything constructive is done in that poor country.

    As more and more areas of the world will have “ocean front” communities, the demand for global greening and carbon footprint data will be tilted in favor of those countries that use the most energy/carbon.

    Expect smoke n mirrors, in other words, move to HIGHER ground while you can!

  6. I can totally claim that I care about the environment when I started recycling and carrying cloth bags to grocery stores for the past two years when I haven’t really cared about that before.

    I actually started because I was sick of taking out so much trash. With the bottles and plastic bags in the trash bin, we take out the trash every other day. It’s become extremely tedious. Besides, I get my money back when I recycle and I no longer have to keep a pile of plastic bags for “future use”.

    We can talk about “protecting the environment” all we want, but as long as you still live in a civilized world, you still take part in killing the planet. All you can do is your best to not add too much to the misery.

  7. Khengsiong Chew

    Each time I travel to Thailand, I would stay in guesthouses where rooms are not air-conditioned. So I think I am doing my part 😉

  8. Great blog khun Bow.

    Sceptic might like to consider that past ice ages, mini ice ages and warming episodes all correlated very strongly with variation in solar radiation and secondarily with volcanic activity. The current warming episode cannot be explained by these factors but is explained very well by human activity increasing global carbon monoxide concentrations.

    Then again, I’m not sure that Sceptic truly believes that the evidence is against global warming happening….

  9. It is very unfortunate that humans as a whole are not very proactive. This means that most will not take any positive action until the effects are solidly upon us. In addition, the governments that could do something to stem this rising tide will more than likely simply let it continue while the leaders continue to line their pockets. They will have the money and resources to save themselves and why care about the billions of others on the planet.

    I think your joining Greenpeace and saving the orange seeds is a very positive thing. Each person needs to do what they can and every little bit helps.

  10. energy independence is much more important than global warming. when the US is energy independent there will be no more oil wars and the terrorists will all be poor and unable to reach us. This will save lives AND energy. The global warming crowd can’t claim this. They can claim that they will damage and perhaps destroy capitalism which is their true aim. I for one am not done using capitalism. So I want to keep it. True believers in global warm are free to starve and freeze to death next winter–their choice. Think of all the energy they will save! By the by, don’t ever expect a Greenie to sacrifice anything in his own life to “show the green way.” Global warming is about controlling you and emptying your wallet. When it becomes about something else one of the first things you will notice is that you will understand nothing that is said about global warming. That is because it will all be said in Mandarin Chinese. Only the Chinese can stop man made climate change. They are going through an industrial revolution that is sure to dwarf our own. Does this mean we should do nothing? Far from it. Let’s study what Denmark, France, Brazil, and Australia have done on energy and do likewise. Let’s drill wherever we have oil and put a new nuclear power plant in every state. Let’s use all our coal and natural gas. We don’t need foreign energy. The only people who say we can’t get off foreign oil are greedy conservatives who are getting paid every time a new oil war starts.

  11. Photsawat Kosithanont

    I have also joined Green Peace but only update for more information.
    The Global Warming is actually all the cause and effect (in science), the karma (in religious)

    Today, we need people to be wise to elect enlightened and wise leader to lead the world, to change the world. Such leaders should make use of all professional scientists, researchers,to get the data & statistic, use the facts to prove the spiritual leaders prediction that comes form the inner cell, high scence of conscious which is invisible but real.

    Simple solution of all human being in the world will make the world like heaven. Change the diet into vegan, that means love and compassion, then it will change the world.

    All scientist please prove this, then All Political leader, Government head, be brave to make the decision, set the NO MEAT policy like NO DRUG, NO ALCOHOL, NO CIGARETTE,etc, use all the resouces, to educate the people, let the people know the truth of life.

    I and my friends are searching and collecting informations about Global warming including Thailand’s info that to find out solutions. There’re lots of latest news from:

    Use wisdom, Combine the scientific facts with spiritual scence to save the world.

  12. Me and my friend were arguing about an issue similar to this! Now I know that I was right. lol! Thanks for the information you post.

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