Education, develops or actually destroys?

Have you ever heard of,
“don’t bother getting involved with those people, they are not educated” or
“people of this country are living better because of the better education” or
“education is obligatory for children upto 15 years old”?
In Spanish, when you wanna say that somebody don’t have manners, they even use the word maleducado which means bad-educated. Education must really be highly considered in the society, don’t you think?

And yes, to people in general, education is something holy. It’s necessary if we wanna keep on continuing living in the so-called society. We will always try to get the highest education we can because it’s the education that gives us knowledge, that gives us money and that opens up the gate to the real world for us to realize how it really is.

I’ve heard loads of parents in Thailand teaching their children not to give up their studies, to study hard so that they won’t have to live in the misery in the future and my family is also another example of this. I always wanted to go play sports or draw pictures or whatever I could think of but my mum always stopped me when it came to exams, I had to study first, or else, I would get scolded badly with the bad results.

does education really helps us grow, helps us developed in reality? What about attending the school to compete with other students? Don’t we notice that there are always ranks of the students who have come to the first place with the best marks and the students with little marks hanging down there at the end of the list? After leaving school, we still keep on competing, trying to get promoted in order to gain better amount of money. Coz we’ve always been taught to always compete and get the best thing of us our own selves. What about the endless competition that makes some of us no longer human? We fight and fight for ourselves and forget about those coming behind that may need help. Loads must have thought, “it’s already fair enough that there are people coming behind me so that I could be the first.” What has education done to us?

Moreover, I’ve noticed the increasing number of beggars in the big cities, including Bangkok and Madrid. They sit by the side of the road, people just walk pass by not giving anything, some are even worse, they think that those beggars are just doing the job that is far too easy, that they don’t even show, sing or do anything to exchange the money. Some even think that they are some kind of people who are already rich but just pretending to look miserable to get money easily. I’m sure there are those types, but I don’t think they are like that all of them, but why do we always previously assume that they are all the same since the first place? What if they don’t really have opportunities to work like us? Once again, education has taught us the words, discrimination, rich and poor. Without those words, maybe we wouldn’t even have realized what they meant and we might have considered people around us exactly the same like us and maybe there might be more help popping up back then when those words didn’t exist.

Another aspect of school is that besides theory, students need to gain EQ by practising stuff for example via those clubs provided at school. There are sports club, chess club, cartoon club, etc. What about those who know nothing abt any of those hobbies provided, what should they choose to attend? And the activities like sports day that there need to be cheerleaders, drum-majors and etc. Only good-looking ones can get to be. Isn’t that another discrimination created by the school where is full of the so-called education itself?

Education, actually, isn’t all about school, parents and society are also the important factors of education of one self. Parents never stop telling their children to go study, go compete, never stop complimenting when they get the highest grades and never stop scolding when they skip school. Parents are those who keep on pushing their kids to compete and it’s the parents who like to compliment their children with neighbors to make the neighbors realize that their children are more stupid and they will go push their kids to get up and study, on and on. Society also teaches us that only good-looking people can get to be stars, and in some society, those who look good with elegant suit and beautiful tie can get to be their president. Never blame those girls deciding to get operated to look cuter, if it’s not because of the education given from the society each day how people appriciate beauty or how technology is advancing so that people can get operated easily, they might not choose to do it since the first place.

Studying languages can also be considerated as another good example. Normally, people learn new languages with reasons like, because it’s fun, so that we can communicate more with new people from different places with amazing culture. Have you ever heard of those pointing out those reasons when starting and ending up gossiping people in the streets with the language that no one would understand and only using it as another good point of themselves boasting with others that they know 3, 4, 5, 6 languages to make the others complimenting how good they are? Me, I’ve heard of that every day! Languages and knowledges themselves are really really good, interesting, wise and intelligent. But the education we’ve built for our own self-conscience runis us ourselves, including those pure educations.

I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out but it’s just another point of view I’ve seen from the education. I just look around myself and I find uncountable examples of the bad side of the education which could be counted even more than the good side. Friends keeping notebooks only to themselves without sharing or else the others would get better marks. People playing their mobiles or listening to their i-pod just looking insultingly to those coming up in the metro to ask for money. Even politicians graduated from world-top universities ending up corrupting the country or getting kicked out of their own countries. It has proved that high educations don’t really lead us elsewhere, just gives us money to buy food, some even study loads but still stay unemployed with no food and no money. What’s so good about education if it’s education itself that creates billions and billions of problems if it’s the education that builds more ‘stupid’ people.

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