Old Patong: The Two Headed Fish

Early one morning, Patong Patty and I were enjoying another fine breakfast of papaya, pineapple and banana, with a big hot mug of Milo, when Mr Singh, the owner of Valentine Bungalow came over to the little restaurant his sister had recently set up just south of the bungalows[it would right next to the Holiday Inn now], on the beach road, facing the blue Andaman Sea.

He grinned as a pickup truck went by, raising the dust, a giant fish was tied from the roof and hanging off the tailgate on it’s way to market.

Mr Singh began yelling “Look! In Thailand we have fish with two heads!”

Talking a little later with Crazy Dave, Dave said “did you see that big Manta Ray hanging off the end of that pickup?” I smiled and told him the story of the fish with two heads.

But, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Fish and seafood in general has been around in southern Thailand forever, the best, freshest seafood could always be found at Number 4, a small open air cafe about 1/2 between Valentine Bungalow and Patong Beach Hotel, later Number 4 moved to Soi Bangla[Bar Road]and was the most popular seafood place in Old Patong.

Customers would write on the wall various greetings or names with a big black marker, Number 4 the best in seafood!

In Old Patong, a big stuffed Phuket lobster was about 100baht, complete with salad and Singha.

Old Patong, where every meal was a banquet!

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