How it really was to be in the so-called best high school in Thailand – edited

A week ago, I got an email from one guy asking if I would continue writing my blogs over here since they have helped him relaxed after spending all day long doing the thesis. He said that he would be waiting until my next blog would be written. I was just flattered! lol!! Well, I haven’t stopped writing here yet, just a little break coz I’m already in the university and there are piles of books waiting for me everyday hehe! Plus, I kinda was away from it for some time, I lost the rhythm I was having and as the consequence of using Spanish all the time, I had a feeling like my english was disappearing somehow.

So, I reread most of my old blogs to gain some inspirations. I ran into the really bad one of mine, how is it like to be in the best school?, which I received loads of negative comments and I don’t think I really described it like the way I really wanted to and the way I should have, now that I’m no longer there at Triam Udom Suksa School, I get to see what that school really gave me, did to me and influenced me in thousands of aspects. As who I am now, I am considering my ex-school from the point of view of somebody sitting outside of it but once, has been in it.

Triam Udom Suksa is really considered as one of the best high schools in Thailand for so many reasons. Not that they teach it all in English, it’s not international school. Nor that it has the food like in five-star restaurant in the cafeteria. Thai people have measured that from the results of those who graduated from there, where they could attend and what they could have become in the future. The exam to select the students to get in is the most difficult in the country, but it’s not a discrimination since there are also quotas for students with good marks, good eq and outstanding activities from all around the country. There are some studying right now in world’s best universities like Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, etc. The present Bangkok’s governor, Mr.Apirak Kosayotin, General Chaowalit Yongjaiyut, ex-prime minister, etc. did graduate from there. But not just those, the only Thai guy who has taken part in some of Hollywood animation’s movies like Moolan, for example, and some stars, some singers did graduate from here, too. But, in fact, it’s not only all about prestige or fame.

Triam Udom Suksa has been through a really long history the whole 70 years since it’s first established. The one who gave birth to this school was Mhom Luang Pin Malakul, who once was as important as those like Doctor Preedee Panomyong of Thammasart University, etc. He was minister of the ministry of education and later of the ministry of culture. UNESCO did give him a prize as an exemplary man with conscience of humanity and culture together with knowledges of social sciences. Furthermore, the very first buidings of school were once used as Japanese army’s basement during World WarII. Students had to run away with the uniform on and the teachers had to act like war’s spy with secret documents in their hands instead of textbooks to teach their students. There’s also a story saying that if we stayed late enough at night, we might be able to meet those Japanese soldiers working during the war time. Briefly, this school has shared its history with great men/women and great events.

After it all, what this school has been trying to do is to grow conscience in all the students’ hearts. Besides paying attention to our studies, we also have to grow up as a good person. The quote of the school has always been, “Gratitude is a sign of a good person.” Noone forgets that, seriously, eventhough we’ve graduated from there since a long time ago. What this school tries to teach us is to care about where we’re from, to care about the land that has given us all the oportunities, to study, to live and to grow. We shall not forget where we’re from eventhough right now loads are studying abroad and working abroad. We’ll always be Thai. We’ll always have to serve our country. Do no criticm about how country is going down. Do consider that the country is suffering and does need Thai people to help it stand up once again. Thailand has given us infinitely and it shouldn’t have difficulties just looking back and smile at it a little. Yes, it’s taught us to thank whoever has given us whatever, small or big or uncountable, it’s still something from someone. Whenver that one needs something, it’s time for us to give it back.
And why do they give really hard education the whole 3 years in school? So that their students could go well-prepared to serve their country. Studying in Chulalongkorn University or no, studying abroad or no, working in a government or no, nobody cares, all this school cares about is whatever part of the country or the world we’re choosing to be, are we doing alright? are we doing our best? besides happiness, are we sharing it to the others?

There are times that I cry my eyes out missing my family and my friends, also Thai food :p But besides making my own life the way I want it, never will I forget the duty. This duty is actually given since birth for all Thai people and it doesn’t mean it only stays with those from my old school, every single Thai has a duty to be responsable to Thailand. Never said it has to be huge, we don’t have to become Bush nor the UN’s secretary nor the EU’s leaders, just be responsable for whatever we’re doing coz even though we wear big-eyes to change our eye’s colours, we dye our hair, we choose to have loads of nationalities, our first would still forever be Thai and deep down inside, Thai will never leave us.

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