Daily Archives: February 4, 2008

Old Patong: Gotland Beach Bar & Gotland Inn

The friendly Swede, Gotland had one of the best pubs on the beach in Old Patong. He also was the first to have two bars in Patong!

In those days, there were beach bars/shacks dotted along sunny central Patong Bay just south of Patong Beach Bungalows almost to SeaView Bungalows on the south end of the bay. One such place was the original Gotland Bar situated across from ever friendly Danish “Scandia Bungalows”.

Gotland was always trying to keep things going and he’d even rent local boats to take his pals fishing, the party continued off the beach and onto Patong Bay. All had a fun time!

Gotland ran a honest shop and there were always many friends and locals there to enjoy the fun that happened 24/7 or until the Singha beer ran out.

These small bar/shacks were only up and running for a bit over a year before the government bulldozed them all down. Then there was a lottery where those that could afford it bought into the newly developed Soi Bangla, which before had been little more than a sandy path leading from Patong Beach to the rice paddy behind and then to Baan Nam Sai Yen nestled at the foot of the mountain eastward.

Gotland was one of those that erected a new habitat on Soi Bangla, near the southside of the middle of the road. The Gotland Inn!
Life on Soi Bangla[bar road]soon became the new hot spots for most of Patong Beach. Many was the time we’d wonder up that way near midnight when most of the smaller bungalow shops would shut down, only to find the nightlife on Soi Bangla to be non stop.

Bout the only time Soi Bangla was slow would be the mornings when most of the customers, cooks or chiefs were still sleeping it off. Then a few shops would serve french bread or som tum or kow pad.

Our friend Gotland usually kept his shop going til all had left, he soon learned that in Old Patong, many NEVER left and only the sun coming up over the eastern mountain would shooe those back to slumber, even then, often, the party didn’t stop!

In Old Patong the party would start when some new or old friends arrived and never end…but what kept the party going were the nicest people that lived along Patong Beach, like our friend Gotland!