Daily Archives: January 5, 2008

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Old Patong: Basses Bar

Basse set up a great little bar on the southern corner of Valentine Bungalows, right on the beach road!

The bar was unique, it was round! The first round bar/cafe in Old Patong. The big round Disco came later down the beach road in front of Lada Bar.

Basse, a friendly Swede lived inside the bar with his girlfriend when shop closed each night.

Many Scandinavians would frequent Basses Bar, it was always an easy going place, never a care in the world, but in Old Patong, there were few cares anyway.

Many an afternoon we’d join Basses and his mates playing Monopoly or solving the problems of the rest of the world, since all expats are know-it-alls, we did well together.

Big Ola la, Gotland and the Scandinavians were always in a good mode, enjoying each minute and only worrying when the Singha was all gone…

Submitted a few pix of a time when comedy was there for the asking and good times were had by all.

In Old Patong, where every day was a holiday.