Lunchtime Thai Menu

Chicken and Bamboo Shoot in Yellow Curry

Every Friday from now onwards I will be working in the Paknam Web office instead of the school. So I thought I would share with you what we eat at lunchtime every week! Well, at least some pictures. I have had so many letters from people asking whether I would restart my Thai food blogs again. So, hopefully this will be the first of a regular series of food blogs. The first dish on the table was a variation of my favourite. I like chicken and bamboo shoots in green curry a lot. However this is a yellow version using turmeric powder.

Snake Head Fish with Fried Black Pepper

You can use just about any fish in this dish. as well as the fried black pepper, there is red chili and onions. You can also use red and green peppers.

Stir Fried Vegetable with Prawn

Always a good idea to have a dish of stir-fried vegetables. This one comes with fresh shrimp. So many variations. To get the bright colours, a good tip is to dip into boiling water for one minute before stir frying.

Fried Mushroom with Bean curd

The final dish is vegetarian and is a mixture of bean curd and mushrooms. There are several stir fried dishes that use bean curd and they are quite easy to cook yourself.

A very delicious meal. Now, I wonder what we will buy for our lunch next Friday. If you want to know, then just visit next Friday to see!

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