“Where Can I Find Thai Woman For 3 In The Bed With My Wife?”

(A nice pic for all you guys coming through to thai-blogs via Google Search looking for ‘Photo Thai Woman Armpits’)

Well…… certainly not at thai-blogs! If you were wondering the reason to this blog’s rather odd title, it is simply…. the name of a ‘Google Search’ title which has come through to my blog-site just lately. I get around 2-300 folk coming directly to my blog-spot via Google each day and that is just my site, not the main page here. As I’ve written on plenty of occasions before, ‘Ladyboys’ are the biggest attraction and people are looking for those in all shapes, sizes, ages, angles and positions. As you could well imagine, I also got a lotta weirdos and even sickos coming through, especially those looking for Vladimir Nabokov style ‘lolitas’ and ‘nymphets’. But anyway, I’d rather not go into that too much.

One thing I have realized, is that there are zillions of guys out there who have a fetish of some kind and the number one savoury sort coming through to thai-blogs is something to do with ‘Thai Girl University Uniform’. This complimented by an especially naughty one this week ‘Confessions of Dirty Student Uniform and Teacher Relationship’. Perhaps, second to educational outfits, is anything to do with air-hostess uniforms! And besides just admiring her blouse and skirt, there are also tonnes of guys who would like to see a bit of naughty ‘spanking’ and ‘caning’ too. On the subject of air-hostesses, I regularly get folk searching for the likes of this one ‘How Many GCSEs Do I Need to be an Air-hostess?’ Again, you ain’t gonna find any info like that at thai-blogs.

Let’s have a look at some more recent lusty searches finding Steve’s thai-blogs and start with this one ‘Pics of Polish Secretary in Short Skirt and High-heels’. Well, perhaps the reader needed one for his homework assignment? Or how about this funny one concerning Thailand’s once hot tennis star…..’Paradon Srichapan Wearing Only Underpants’. I guess the only person who’s gonna get to see them are his new wife Mrs Natalie, former Miss Universe. There are quite a few folk out there too who have a fascination for the Thai singer Lydia, especially after I wrote the blog concerning the rumour of her dating ex-prime minister Thaksin. Lots and lots of randy guys wanting to see ‘Sexy Lydia Pics’.

(And, another decent picture for you guys searching for the likes of ‘Sexy Air-Hostess Pics’)

And not only Lydia and her naughty pics, last week one reader from the UK came through looking for ‘Sexy Thai Politicians’. Can only presume that he/she was in for a true disappoint in their Internet search that day! And back to the subject of fetish, I’ve always been amazed at the amount of guys with a fetish for armpits and females with hairy ones in particular. Not just Thai ladies and even ladyboys, just lately I had one Malaysian searching for ‘Sri Lanka Girls Close-up Armpit Picture’. And here is one more from another Asian guy, this time in India, he wasn’t looking for girlie pictures though, he was after ‘I Want Girl Love Me. I Have Money. I Don’t Need Dowry’. In contrast to that however, I don’t think I have ever had a Thai woman coming through looking for ‘I need farang man, love me real, my parents don’t want sin-sot’. Certainly, a bit unfair!

There are a lotta bad spellers on the Internet and Thailand gets spelt plenty of different ways, how about ‘Tieland’ ‘Tailand’ and worse of all ‘Thighland’. Then we have ‘Thai Supper Model 2007’. ‘Thai PM Daksin Policies’ ‘Thai Prizoner Story’ and even ‘Shirts Bangkok Indian Teller Shop’. The list goes on, but this is one rather hilarious one I got lately ‘Pics of Thai Ladyboy with Big Clock’

I must be getting quite a name for myself in the world of blogging, as every day I get the odd person looking for the likes of ‘Stephen Cleary Thailand’ or even by my old pen-name ‘Steve Suphan’. I was rather surprised a while back though, when some reader was searching for ‘Cute Pictures of Stephen Cleary’. I can only guess that the Cleary they were looking for, wasn’t actually me! I live in Suphanburi Town and since myself and Richard have written quite a few blogs on the place, lotsa folk have been looking for info. Please people do not even bother looking again for ‘Go-go Bar Suphanburi’ or ‘Sexy Oil Massage Parlour Suphanburi’. There are none! There are however, quite a few ‘Sexy Suphan Girls’ around town as one Thai located reader was wanting to find out.

So, to finish off this blog, here is a compilation of other weird but wonderful Google searches coming through to my blog-site.
‘Dos and Don’ts Making Lasagne’ – ‘Cambodia Nice Influential Woman’ – ‘Any Girls Going to Pattaya Sept 2007?’ – ‘How to Make Banana Roti’ – ‘Mr Mad Racing’ – ‘Phuket Prison Mr Darling’ – ‘Lifespan of an Air-hostess’ – ‘Do Thai Men Always Cheat on Their Wife’ – ‘How Much Dowry Pay Marry Thai Bar-girl?’ – ‘I Want to Marry Thai Ladyboy Bangkok’ ‘Where Can I Buy Ganja in Phuket?’ ‘ Swedish Girl Dating Blog’ – ‘Thai Donkey Show Pics’ and finally ‘Could You Give Me a Magic Number to Win English Lottery’.

If you had a bit of a laugh at this blog, have a look at a similar one i wrote up last year Googling For…. Thai Twins, Girls and Ladyboys

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