Bangkok thoughts from Barcelona

I recently spent sometime in Barcelona,a great city where you could find priceless art and sculptures on the road in La Rambla. The city is so perfect that if you see Barcelona in Google earth, it would look like the drawing board of an architect where a drawing has been finished.

Especially in the Fixample (The Extension), designed by Cerda, each block is open on all the four sides with an octagonal design, so that the intersections are wide and the horse-drawn coaches could turn easily in the expanded corners. Hotel Majestic for example has the Passeig de Gracia on south, Caller de Valencia on the east, Carrer de Pau Claris on north and Carrer de Mallorca on the west. On could circumambulate each block on the wide foot paths.

No electric cables or thick power lines anywhere around. I stayed in Passeig de Gracia which possibly is the most beautiful street I have ever seen. The colourful people however reminded me of Bangkok. Lots of shops, cafes, eateries and incredible architectural monuments.

I would like to see some areas like this in Bangkok.

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