Thais Go from Pink to Green

(Latest fashion craze – The Nation)

Ever since H.M. The King left the hospital last week sporting a pink outfit, people have gone crazy about this latest fashion. At the weekend, long queues formed at the few shops selling pink shirts with the King’s emblem on them. Customers were limited to only one shirt per person. As many of you know, for over a year now, Thais and expats have been wearing the colour yellow in support of the King. In Thailand, each day has its own special colour. For people born on Mondays, like H.M. The King, yellow is their special colour. Then, over the last few months, pink shirts started to appear. Not too many to start with. But then suddenly, after H.M. The King wore a pink outfit leaving the hospital, people started going crazy about pink. At first not many people understood the significance of this new colour. Pink is the colour for people born on Tuesdays. I asked a Thai person why she was wearing pink. She said it was to show support for the health of His Majesty. Now it transpires that pink is an auspicious colour for people born in the Year of the Rabbit. All good enough. I guess it is time for a change from yellow to pink. However, now comes the news that people are rushing out to buy green shirts with his emblem! From what I can tell so far, it is only because His Majesty wore a green blazer when he went back to visit the hospital on Tuesday. It certainly looks like he is setting the fashion trend these days.

If you want to know your auspicious colour, then visit my blog called What is your Lucky Colour? There is also a link there to find out which day you were born on. I was born on Wednesday, which is green, so I am very happy about these new green shirts. Also visit the Paknam Web Forums where we are discussing the colours and fashion trends.

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